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Our Spanish immersion classes will allow your child to learn Spanish in the most natural way at an age where they are biologically programmed to learn languages and have the ability to closely mimic the native pronunciation and intonation of a new language. Our approach to teaching Spanish mimics native language acquisition. Ole Kids provides children a foundation for learning a second language in a fun no pressure environment where they learn by simply playing.

What Makes Us Different?

We are committed to teaching Spanish to children through an immersion program that focuses on learning techniques outside the traditional classroom environment. Our programs are taught through play and help children learn in a fun, musical, and interactive way. Your child will have fun interacting with other kids while creating arts and crafts as well as singing and dancing along with their teachers! By simply being immersed and consistently talking, playing, singing and having lots of fun in Spanish, kids will learn Spanish rapidly and they will love it!

Our Philosophy

  • It should be natural
  • It should be fun
  • It should be exciting
  • It should be constant
  • It should be applied
  • Music, Art and Laughter are essential


Our Passion

Our passion comes from our desire to help our own kids learn and maintain fluency in Spanish. We are both native Spanish speakers and have for years struggled to find a place for our little ones to learn and use their Spanish in a fun and creative way. We both feel strongly that being bilingual has not only opened up many doors professionally, but it has enhanced our life experiences. Our passions are travel, food, dance and reading; all of which have undoubtedly been enhanced by our ability to speak foreign languages. We want our kids and your kids to have the opportunity to enhance their lives and believe strongly that learning a second language is one of the ways to open up their world.